Oral Sedation 101: The Essentials

Oral Sedation 101: The Essentials

Many people who visit the dentist may have some preconceived notions about the treatment and, unfortunately, may even skip an essential dental appointment due to fear.

At Brighter Day Dental in Concord, California, we use oral (or non-IV) sedation to help patients with dental anxiety feel less stressed during their dental procedures or treatments. 

Oral Sedation Process

The first step in the oral sedation process is a thorough review of your medical history and a blood pressure checkup to determine if you are a good candidate.

Next, you'll be prescribed two doses of medication - one to take the night before and one to take an hour before the dental procedure. 

The oral sedation will leave you feeling a bit drowsy, so we recommend having someone drive you home and discuss the follow-up appointment, insurance coverage, and aftercare on your behalf.

What Kind of Medication Is Used for Oral Sedation?

Dentists use several different prescription medications for oral sedation. Also known as benzodiazepines, these medications are designed to relieve anxiety and reduce fear by taking over the part of the brain that controls them.

There are two types of benzodiazepines:


These sedatives will keep you from feeling anxious and, in many cases, from remembering the dental procedure. 

Anti-Anxiety Medications 

These anti-anxiety medications will help you relax and fall asleep during the dental procedure, minimizing any discomfort and fear sensation. 

Who Can Benefit From Oral Sedation?

While it is a popular method used in dentistry to reduce anxiety, oral sedation isn't always a good option for everyone. 

In some cases, the prescribed medication may not have the desired effect. In other cases, the use of oral sedation may not be recommended due to the patient’s health issues. 

These issues can include allergic reactions to benzodiazepines, glaucoma, pregnancy, congestive heart failure, depressive episodes or bipolar disorder, respiratory ailments, impaired kidney or liver function, chronic bronchitis.

Oral sedatives might not be suitable for you if you are on other medications that inhibit their effectiveness. Therefore, you will have to discuss with Dr. Chul Dokko about any other drug treatments you are on before the procedure. 

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