How Many Times in a Year Should You Visit a Dentist?

How Many Times in a Year Should You Visit a Dentist?

More than a hundred million Americans do not visit their dentist every year, even though it is said that you must visit your dentist at least twice every year. But the twice-a-year dental visit policy originated from a toothpaste advertisement. There is little to no research that supports it! It might not be a good option for everyone either. 

Now, you might be wondering, how often should you really visit the dentist?

How Often Should I Visit?

Each person has their own unique dental needs. Even though a twice-a-year policy is a good rule of thumb, it might not be suitable for everyone. It depends on a person’s dental hygiene, habits, and medical conditions. 
Some people with good oral habits need not visit the dentist more than twice a year, while there are people who may need to visit the dentist more often. 

Why Go to the Dentist More Often?

Who would need to visit the dentist more often? People who are at a higher risk of getting dental diseases and other oral conditions. These include: 

  • Smokers
  • Pregnant women 
  • Diabetics 
  • People prone to plaque or cavities
  • People with gum disease
  • People with weak immune systems

Why is Visiting the Dentist Important?

Even if you are a person who brushes and flosses your teeth regularly, you still have to visit your dentist regularly. They are trained and specialized in checking and identifying any problems that might be lying hidden in your mouth without you noticing. Some problems like gum disease or cavities are not even visible or painful until they reach advanced stages. 
More often than not, dentists and hygienists are the first people to identify and alert their patients about oral cancer. Such issues are preventable or more easily treatable if identified early. If you visit your dentist regularly, you can prevent any red flags along the way, saving you time, money, and discomfort!
Now you are aware of why you have to visit your dentist often. Visiting your dentist is a preventative measure. It helps you improve your overall health and make things easier for you. If you take care of your teeth well, your dentist will cut back on your dental appointments.

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