Five Things to Know About Root Canal Procedures

Five Things to Know About Root Canal Procedures

At Brighter Day Dental in Concord, California, we have helped many patients restore their oral functionality with procedures and treatments like root canals. Read on to find out what a root canal procedure is and what you should know about it. 

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure that helps remove infections inside the tooth. It helps repair the damaged tooth by removing the pulp and the nerve. 

Once the procedure is done, the teeth are cleaned and sealed, and ready to function again like regular teeth.

5 Facts About Root Canals

  • A Root Canal Is a Pain-Relieving Procedure

Cavities can cause infections that can cause pain and discomfort over time. These infections need to be removed to stop the pain. Root canals help relieve pain and stop it. 

  • Cleanliness Is Mandatory During the Procedure 

The patients need to ensure that oral hygiene is maintained before, during, and after the root canal procedure. Before the procedure, the mouth is cleaned using mouthwash and, during the procedure, a rubber mask is clamped onto the tooth to help keep it dry. 

  • Proper Aftercare Is Also Mandatory

Moderate pain and tenderness in the teeth are expected after the anesthesia wears out. It is vital to schedule follow-up visits after the treatment to ensure the healing process is going well. Teeth cleanups have to be done as instructed by the dentist and a basic oral routine that includes brushing and flossing can help keep cavities and infections away.

  • Results Are Long-Lasting 

The success rate of the procedure is high when performed at the right time. If proper care is provided after the treatment, the root canal can last a lifetime. Patients must clean their mouth regularly and make sure their teeth are kept in good condition. 

  • It Is a Cost-Effective Treatment

The cost of a root canal is very affordable given that it protects teeth from infection and provides long-lasting results. Patients can also benefit from insurance coverage or special payment plans for this procedure. Before the treatment begins, our staff will give you all the details about the expenses to avoid confusion. 

Root canal treatments can save your teeth from infection when done at the right time. Dr. Chul Dokko, D.D.S., at Brighter Day Dental,Dentist in Concord CA can give you detailed information about root canals and their benefits, as well as other dental treatments. To schedule an appointment, call (925) 356-2828 or visit us at 1950 Market Street, Suite D, Concord, CA 94520.  


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